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The Shepherd's Heart

I think the Church should be exciting;
full of fresh new ways to approach the things of God.  I believe method should not overshadow focus and objective.  We must be true to the why we are called first, and keep the main thing the main thing.  New Beginnings Christian Center has really come to represent something special to me throughout the years.  I have watched it grow and evolve, I have also seen it abide and stand.  I love this Church and its people. It has through the years had to make some hard choices and was able to do so by trusting in the Word of God. I have watched God in my own personal growth, thrust me into some wilderness situations and later finding empowerment, a stronger relationship and being given the opportunity to find out if I really trusted God the way I hoped.  In all of that, I must report that God has been faithful on all counts and that He can be totally trusted.

I believe that God is totally committed to our success. 
Having said that, I recently preached a word, that I believe was totally prophetic.  He spoke to my heart and said that this would be a season of, “Challenge, Confrontation and Change.”  I realize now, that this may be a season not just belonging to our membership alone, but to the Christian Church at large.  I believe that this is necessary component for our growth and spiritual and physical wellness. In turn, it is a necessary component toward standard, integrity, prioritization, focus and stability.  A little straying over time, can ultimately lead to missing the mark by a long shot. 

Before this letter is completed, it must convey that many don’t know their calling, much less how to attain it. 
I believe an atmosphere of learning must be established. 
A way not only providing answers to questions, but develop by which people can draw correct conclusions through the Word of God.  It first begins with God  gracing us with His presence after which a beautiful journey begins that we can open ourselves up to His ever so precise personal  and spiritual fitness experience. When this happens, I am able to utilize the methods I use to bring about God's word.  So utilization of a story telling, teaching, preaching, gifts of the Spirit, laughter and visual illustrations are incorporated in our Church Services.  We have a ball and after our services, people tend to linger, enjoying the Holy Spirit and each other.  You need to check it out for yourself. 

So rather than writing a long letter to you,  I would provide you small points about this Church and myself so that you can get a picture of what we are all about.  I look forward to meeting you in person and to discover that perhaps our meeting will be a home coming and not introduction.  I appreciate the time you have taken to get to know us and look forward to the opportunity to do the same.

Sincerely yours,
Pastor Todd Chauncey Redden


New Beginnings Christian Center • 7247 State Fair Blvd. • Syracuse, NY 13209 • 315-635-3989

REVISED October 2010